VGMinds Techstudios Started

With the dawn of new year 2016,Incubation of Idea to create something new in kids learning space.Backed by Videogyan Studios,we set out to create child friendly,entertaining learning apps that boths kids and parent love.

Our First App - Mr Bell Learning Train

Our First Android App for kids.Mr Bell Learning train had all the songs for kids to start learning alphabets,colors,shapes,phonics,vegetables,fruits and many more.

ABC Songs for Kids

Learn Alphabets,Phonics,Vegetables,Fruits,Numbers and many more kids basic through rhymes and kids songs.

Finger Family for Kids

All world Finger Family packed into one app.Helps kids learn how familes are addressed across the world through series of famous finger family rhymes.

Mondoo - The Jumping Frog

Simple,Intuitive and interesting game for kids to enjoy game and at the same time improve thier reflexes and decision making capabilities.

Kids Top 25 Nusery Rhymes Collection

Only App with top 25 english traditional rhymes packed into one app.All famous,popular english rhymes at finger tips for your kids to enjoy anytime any place.

Kids Top Nursery Rhymes

Top collection of nursery rhymes with very intuitive UI to enjoy all rhymes offline anytime any place.

Zool Babies - The Youtube Kids Sensation

Youtube sensation by Videogyan Studios made available through apps.Kids can carry zool babies around in pockets to enjoy zool babies adventures anytime any place.

Animal Dance for Kids

First of its kind in all play stores,Kids can enjoy cute animals dancing to the tunes.Complete entertainment app for kids with lots of dance and music.

Kids Preschool Flash Cards

Real HD Quality Images Flash cards for Kids to learn Vegetables,Fruits,Animals,Farm Animals and many more interesting things in this beautiful world.

Kids Preschool Puzzles

What more can be entertaining than solving simple puzzles and learning during the process.Packs Alphabets,Vegetables,Shapes and Fruits to start learning by solving simple entertaining puzzles.

Kids Top Telugu Rhymes

High Quality Kids Telugu Nursery Rhymes for kids.Now Enjoy Minnu and Mintu Telugu Rhymes on your favorite devices any time any place.

Kids Top Hindi Rhymes

Famous Kids Hindi Nursery Rhymes are now available on Appstores for your kids to enjoy.High Quality 3d Cartoon Characters,Kids friendly music with Parental Control settings make this app perfect your kids to enjoy.