Frequent Questions

Answers to all your Questions

1.Who is Too Too Boy?

I am really disciplined and a well behaved boy. I love going to school just like you and I love to play, just like you! Yes, I can be mischievous at times and play pranks on my friends. But not without doing my homework. In time. I can promise you will have a good time with me.

2.What kind of activities are there in this app?

They are fun for sure! The activities range from different aspects of day to day life to the ones at school or the gym. You can learn about a lot of fun facts regarding how to take a both or how to do savasana while performing yoga or even how to dress up neatly in casuals. Sounds fun? Then join me right away! I can assure you will enjoy every bit of it!

3.How much points do I earn when I complete an activity?

Congrats in advance for that! And yes, you will be rewarded handsomely with 25 points!

4.How much points do I earn when I complete the first level?

That's really something! You have worked for that surely. And that will get you 50 points.

5.How much points do I earn when I complete each level afterwards?

You earn 10 more points with each level as you go ahead. It's 60 points in level two and then 70 in level three and so on. Sounds exciting, isn't it?

6.Is there any bonus points?

Of course there is! That is splendid. And after every four levels, you get rewarded with bonus points. Sounds good?

7.How much bonus points do I earn?

You earn multiple of 400 in every fourth level as your bonus points. So, you get 400 bonus points after the 4th level and then 800 points after the 8th level. Fun, isn't it?

8.How many levels are there?

There are 30 levels in total. And what’s more, you get the option to reset the levels after you complete all 30 of them!

9.How I do I get to earn free coins?

That is simple! Just watch the reward videos and you are all set to earn the free coins. I am sure you will feel good. Won't you?

10.Is there any other way to earn free coins?

Installing the suggested app in the game wall will also help you to earn free coins.

11.Do I have to pay to use this app?

After you have applied all the above ways and you still want to earn more coins, you have to pay for that. But it's worth it and you are surely in for a fun ride.

12.Do I get to keep the points after I exit the game?

The good news is- Yes, you can! But if you uninstall the game for some reason and then install it again, I am afraid I cannot help you to recover the previously earned points. So just be careful about that!

14.How do I download the app?

It's easy! Just go to Google Play store or Apple App store to get it downloaded and be a part of my world!

15.Can I play this game on all devices?

Be it an Android phone or a tablet- you name it! Now you can have all the fun at your fingertips in any way you want.

16.Are there ads on the game?

Yes, there are. That’s just to help my team to make the game even better and lot more fun for you. But wait! That’s not it. You can remove the ads as well by paying an amount. Don’t worry. It’s a small one.

17.I have a question about the game. Where should I contact?

You ask it and you have it. Get in touch with us at I am always there for any help that you might need!

18.How do I play the game? Is there any guide manual of sorts?

How about an entire video that will help you to get introduced to the game? Sounds easy for you? Click on TOO TOO BOY VIDEO and discover it yourself!

19.For what age group is this game suitable?

Wouldn’t it be exciting if this game is suitable for all age groups? And it really is! Be it your friends in school or your neighbors in college, you can enjoy this game with anyone and everyone. Sounds fun?

20.Is it available in all countries?

Yes, it is! Any continent, any country, any city- you name it! We are available everywhere! It cannot get more exciting, right?

21.Can I play this game offline?

You bet! This game is indeed available offline. Internet is not required to play this game. And added to that, no data is required to play this game. I hope that brings a smile on your face?